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Drums & Percussion

Coordination / Independence

Release any tension in your playing through dedicated exercises intended to make you feel free while playing rather than blocked by any coordination hurdles.

Serve the Situation

Learn to perform in any setting of your choice and equip yourself with an extensive toolbox of beats, fills, technical and theoretical "know-how" so you'll be ready for any situation or song.

Reading and Theory

Gain more control over your playing by understanding the music around you. Learn to think as a musician and not just a drummer.

Texture and Instrumentation

Explore multiple styles of percussion (both analog and digital) and how the different sounds and textures come together to produce infectious rhythm.

Modern Styles and Learning

Through recording and video, you will gain more insight into your own playing and be able to point out strengths and weaknesses to enhance your practice.

Aerobic Fitness

Exercises and styles of music dedicated to get your heart pumping and to develop the endurance necessary for longer drumming sessions and quicker bursts of more complicated / physically intense musical phrases.


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